Optimum Black Swimming Googles

Black Swimming Goggles

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LEAK-FREE KIT: Children are hyperactive and love to swim and play at the same time. If you're looking for swimming goggles that would perfectly fit your child's active and playful characteristic, then choose the Optimum Junior Swimming Goggles. It has an adaptive and comfortable leak-proof strap and buckles that allow children to enjoy swimming without slipping their goggles.

✔PROTECTION: Optimum has designed swimming goggles for children that can protect their eyes from the harmful sun rays. With the UVA and UVB filters, the Optimum swimming goggles are your best option if you want your child's eyes to be safe from UV rays.

✔ANTI-FOG: If you're looking for superb clarity of vision when swimming, then the Optimum swimming goggles is your best choice. It has an anti-fog layer, which offers a mist-free vision when swimming both indoors, and outdoors.

✔EASILY ADJUSTABLE: A quick release button allows children to adjust goggles easily. This button design also prevents hair pulling and makes it safe to use.

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