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6 nations coming soon

The greatest rugby’s championship is just around the corner! The 6 nations will officially begin on the 4 th of February, 2:25 pm.

As per usual, the competition will involve England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. Stay tuned for the first rugby match, Scotland VS Ireland. Book your evenings, invite a few friends, and make sure you do not miss a thing out of this event.

Shown live on the BBC.

Full 2017 schedule nation championship is as follows:

04/02/2017 (14:25) Scotland VS Ireland

04/02/2017 (16:50) England VS France

05/02/2017 (15:00) Italy VS Wales

11/02/2017 (15:25) Italy VS Ireland

11/02/2017 (16:50) Wales Vs England

12/02/2017 (16:00) France VS Scotland

25/02/2017 (14:25) Scotland VS Wales

25/02/2017 (16:50) Ireland VS France

26/02/2017 (15:00) England VS Italy

10/03/2017 (20:00) Wales Vs Ireland

11/03/2017 (14:30) Italy VS France

11/03/2017 (16:00) England VS Scotland

18/03/2017 (12:30) Scotland VS Italy

18/03/2017 (15:45) Fance VS Wales

18/03/2017 (17:00) Ireland VS England

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